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The basics of Queuing Theory

15 January 2019

This webinar will give you basic familiarity with the queuing terminology and mathematical principles underlying the various queuing models.

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Attacking NSX-T

17 January 2019

This webinar describes VMware NSX principles, architecture and components, including overlay virtual networking, physical-to-virtual gateways, network services and security.

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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Deep Dive - Part 2

22 January 2019

This webinar will dive deep into the future and realities of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

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Ansible 2.7 Update

24 January 2019

This webinar focuses on Ansible, the configuration management tool most commonly used by network automation professionals. It also describes YAML, the text file format used by Ansible, and Jinja2 templating language.

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Data Center Interconnects Update

7 February 2019

Focused exclusively on DCI issues, this webinar describes numerous designs and technologies (including local and global load balancers, VPLS, OTV and MPLS/VPN) that can be used to build active-active data centers. This webinar expands on the concepts described in the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers webinar, which is thus a highly recommended prerequisite.

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Building Network Automation Solutions

19 February 2019

Build your own network automation solution during this 9-module high-intensity interactive online course.

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AWS Load Balancing

21 February 2019

This webinar will help demystify the networking aspects of Amazon Web Services. We'll start with the high-level concepts, cover security aspects, and conclude with inter-VPC routing and hybrid cloud implementations.

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Network and Security Automation with Ansible Workshop

12 March 2019

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Designing Infrastructure for Private Clouds

13 March 2019

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