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Building Network Automation Solutions

  • Explore the network automation tools and system
  • Design a solution to a pressing problem in your network
  • Deploy the solution in production by the end of this 6-week course

Terry Slattery

Terry Slattery, CCIE#1026, Principal Architect at NetCraftsmen
I found Ivan's Network Automation online course to be very useful in helping me get started with my own efforts. I was previously not aware of some of the other tools that were presented in the course, so I learned a whole new tool set, but perhaps the best was seeing how other people are using automation to do things like automate BGP configuration and validation, or automating the configuration of a multi-rack data center compute module with just a few parameters.

You'll get the most out of it if you do the preparation study and keep up with the labs. Be prepared to be challenged.

Building the Next-Generation Data Center

  • Design compute, storage and network infrastructure
  • Build private or public clouds
  • Work with application teams to build active/active data centers
Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks, IDC
Ivan Pepelnjak has forgotten more about networking than most people will ever know. Fortunately, he's only forgotten the bits and protocols that are obsolete and irrelevant, retaining and expanding his ample knowledge in the areas that matter.

With Every Course You'll Get

  • 4-6 interactive online design/discussion sessions;
  • Downloadable recordings of all online sessions;
  • In-depth content for additional self-study.

Extra bonus material

  • Unlimited lifetime access to course-specific materials;
  • Lifetime access to all recordings of future design and guest speaker sessions;
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  • Reading lists and case studies;
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Matej Rehak, Systems Engineer at CSC Austria GmbH. participated in Autumn 2016 session
It was an excellent course. I really increased my knowledge about designing DC networks. Definitely worth the investment and yes, I would highly recommend this course to my colleauges. Looking forward to your upcoming courses Ivan.


  • Access to Slack discussion group: work together & share experiences;
  • Membership in a private community: stay in touch long after the course & expand your network;
  • Group & individual assignments: work together & solve tough problems.

Access to experts

  • 4-5 live interactive sessions with leading industry experts. Including Q&A sessions;
  • Connect and discuss your challenges with experts in the networking field;
  • Real world case studies.

Support & guidance

  • Free email support with next-business-day turnaround throughout the course;
  • Slack group discussions;
  • Mastermind & hot-seat sessions: get expert and peer feedback on your toughest challenges